The Most Powerful Integration Builder Yet

Setup simple or super complex workflows with our workflow builder.

Create your templates using the workflow builder. Add everything from the title to actions, triggers, queries, adapters, tools, setup, conditions, schedules, and variables to build powerful integrations with this tool.

Connect to Any App or API

Save cost and time by building workflows that can connect, communicate and sync with any app or API

With Integry you have the freedom to create workflows with any app on our platform. As we add more apps you have access to all of them.

Importing data from any third party app to your app.

Pull data in from any app. We’ll paginate the data and transform it.

Sync data in realtime between multiple apps.

Users can pick their fields and customize data mapping.

Design and Customize

Use our advanced tools to design complex workflows with ease.

Step Based Workflow

Build your workflow using Lego-like steps. With these simple steps, you can quickly build any workflow without coding. Anything can be made into a step from storage, loops, conditions, apps, APIs, etc.

Conditional Logic and Loops

Create complex conditional flows or loop through bulk data. This allows you to handle a larger number of cases within a single template.

Custom CSS and Help

You can make any step visible for an end user to get their input. When exposing such a step within your app, you can customize it with providing your own CSS and help.

Control Flow

A workflow can have multiple triggers, you can combine multiple events or fan them out into different branches.

Advanced Logic

Sometimes an API event reaches you out-of-order, sometimes the API is very noisy. We’ll intelligently reorder events and ignore superfluous ones.

Be Adaptive

Learn, adapt and find solutions for all your integration needs with this intuitive tool

Built-in API Intelligence

Data Conversion

Scheduled or Manual Trigger

Multiple Environments

Smooth Things Over

Save time by making your integration testing, mapping and building smoother

Custom Field Mapping

Use the field mapper to allow users to map custom fields and see their data in realtime.


Everything you create in your app can be tested and verified on the go. Your authorizations, actions, endpoints, and all similar elements can be tested with a built-in test interface.

Build Without API Specs

You don’t need to know what the API specs are for the apps you’re integrating with, we’ll surface details as you need them.

What People are Saying

With Integry, we roll out critical integrations quickly with minimal engineering. This frees us to focus on our core service without worrying about new integrations

Derek Johnson CEO

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