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Integrate your App Self Service Self Service + Support Managed Service Integration Partners
Apps Accessible All Apps All Apps All + Request Apps All + Request Apps
Workflow Builder
Layout Customization
Manual Integrations
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Remove Integry Branding
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White-Labeled Connectors DIY
Professional Workflow Creation 5 15 Unlimited
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Tasks 100,000 1,000,000 2,000,000 Unlimited
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bring the native integration experience inside your app. Designed for non-developers, push new integrations in just a few minutes.

  • You need to have an API up and running
  • You are a SaaS product
  • The authentication that you use with us should be implicit so that our widget can be authorized to make changes on behalf of your user

A task is an activity performed by us on another platform. For example, if we create a task in Trello or send a message on Slack, these will be accounted as individual tasks. Learn more about tasks. Our pricing is usage-based i.e. we charge on basis of the tasks consumed per month.

You can connect to as many apps, create as many integrations as you want. Also, your app can have any number of users. We charge you on the basis of usage.

You can request us to add to the integration roadmap. If you’re on a higher tier, we will prioritize your request. To get the integration that is not already present get in touch with us at

The integrations are embedded inside your app through the Integry widget. It displays the list of all integrations for your users. Your users can then set up these integrations. The widget uses your app’s HTML, CSS, and JS so it is completely customizable. Learn more about widget.

Yes, depending on the pricing package you’re on we provide you with options to remove Integry branding from your app. For the Starter package, you will see a “Powered by Integry” badge that appears at the bottom of the widget in your app.

To white-label your app means, the Integry Connector will not appear when your user authorizes to another app.

Yes, we do support two-way sync.

Yes, we have both polling and webhooks and the poll duration varies depending upon the app and the plan you’re on.

Yes, when a user sets up an integration, we can pull data from one app into yours. This feature is not available in the Starter package.

Well, the whole journey might take a few days to a week. You can learn more about apps, templates, and widget here.