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Workflow Builder
User Account Integration
Layout Customizations
2-Way Sync
Data Import
Create and deploy your app DIY
Whitelabeled apps
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Partner Platform
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Frequenty Asked Questions

How will my app connect to other apps?

In order for your app to connect with other apps via Integry, a one-time integration is needed. Currently, Integry will perform this integration for your free of cost. The integration with your app is a series of Action, Triggers or Queries. An Action is something we can perform on your app; a Trigger is an event on your app that lands on our system and a Query is a request we make with your app for data. You can get in touch with us with details of your app and we’ll work with you on what your key integration points should be.

How does customization work?

Our product team works with you for creating the integration experience inside your app. This includes when a new integration is created, editing integrations and listing them. Once these are agreed upon by you, we provide an SDK and our engineering team will provide code which should match the look and feel of your website, service or app. You are free to make any further changes to the customization code.

What’s a Native integration?

A Native integration appears inside your app. It’s part of your interface, the users don’t have to leave your app to set these integrations up. Our research shows that Native integration completion rate is 30x higher than external, 3rd party integrations.

If I create a new Template, will I need to make changes in my app?

No, after we integrate your app, adding more Templates (integrations) is entirely a non-coding effort. You will not have to involve your development team. This should free engineers from making routine changes to integrations and allow people from product or marketing to help create these integrations.

How will I be charged?

You will be charged based upon the number of users that are provisioned with our service and have successfully created an integration. A user is automatically provisioned when we receive their request to create an integration and they will be added to billing when they complete an integration. You can removed provisioned users from the Integry admin panel or via a REST API call.

I want an integration not listed here

Please get in touch with your account manager and they’ll guide you on the best way to have your app onboard