Ready-to-use native
integrations for your users


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Integrations for your users, inside your app

Show a list of integrations to your users inside your app. Your users can then connect to other apps enabling workflows, automations and more app usage. You control the experience. The integrations appear inside your app as a flexible, customizable widget.


Your own look and feel

Customize how the integrations appear inside your app and keep a consistent user experience inside your app.

Make your app more sticky

When you provide integrations around your app you give the user the opportunity to build workflows with your app. This makes your app part of their habits, their workflow; deriving more automatic value. All of this makes your users more productive which increases stickiness.

Acquire more customers

By joining integry, your app opens up to all our partner apps on our platform. Users from other apps can see your app as an integration. Some of your users may need certain integrations as well before they would be willing to invest time and money on your app. Integry helps fill these gaps.

Get users up and running quicker

Our in-app integrations are design to be friction free and reduce the number of steps required to setup. Users can bring in data from other services and populate your app quickly rather than manual entry.


Generate more revenue

By providing more value to your users with integrations, you can charge more. Almost all of our customers add a new product tier that unlocks integrations.

Be the fastest to market

Use our pre-built integrations to save time and instead use your resources in making your app better. You’ll able to provide your users with many integrations in no time.


Reduce Churn by nearly half

Users who set up integrations have a 40% lower churn. Which means more revenue. It’s important to have a large portfolio of integrations so your users have everything they need to stay sticky.

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