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Developer Tools

A platform for your users to share and review code, collaborate and manage private and open source softwares.



Automate your marketing, sales and customer services with Hubspot and get even better results than before.


Task Manager

Todoist keeps track of everything from simple errands to your most ambitious projects so you can get it all done and enjoy more peace of mind along the way.

File Management
  • Coda

    File Management, Productivity, Team Collaboration

A combination of features merging the power of documents, the pliability of spreadsheets and apps to work in one place.

  • documents
  • word processor
  • spreadsheet
  • notes
  • FTP

    File Management, Contacts, Data Collection

FTP is a standard network protocol provided by TCP/IP used for transmitting the files from one host to another. Keep the data from your files synced between a remote computer and an app of your choosing.

  • Files
  • Sharing
  • Data
  • Updates
  • Automate

Manage your data, sheets and, collaborate with your team in real-time. Perform data analysis with in-built formulae and charts.

  • data
  • analysis
  • collaborate
  • trends
  • sheets

The digital notebook that lets you manage your notes, organize them and share them with others.

  • notes
  • manage
  • digital
  • notebook
  • annotate
  • Papyrs

    Communication, File Management, Team Collaboration

Create your company's intranet with easy drag-and-drop tools. Manage your communications and align your business around your intranet and get things done faster.

  • communication
  • intranet
  • editors
  • business

A bread-and-butter app for an everyday writer. Create simple and eye-catching documents across any device anytime.

  • word proccessing
  • write
  • collaborate
  • publish

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