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Salesmachine monitors your customers' health in real-time and informs your team who needs attention, prevents churn and improves conversions and expansion.


Keep an eye on the health of your customers throughout the whole customer lifecycle closely through health scoring system. The major focus of SalesMachine is to ensure customer success, manage the development of your customers through every stage of your customer journey. Take data like product usage, subscriptions, NPS, CRM into account and see what your customers have been up to. You are timely notified about any action that needs to be taken before it's too late. Customize SalesForce as you like be it lifecycle stages, health scoring, event tracking etc. The contacts created automatically sync with Integry.

App Capabilities

Take a step towards more satisfied and happier customers. Using our integrations add the ability to your app to

  • Create contacts through SalesMachine


An action is a step we execute on the corresponding app. For example: In a task manager, an action can be to Create Task or Update Task. An action cannot be the first step in an integration, and it is started by Integry on another platform. For example, an integration could be to Create Tasks (an action on receiving app) from Slack Messages (trigger).

Create Contact

Creates a new contact

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