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Redefine your user interaction with your product through chat bots and voice apps.


The way your users interact with your product, take it to a whole new level using Dialogflow. Let your users interact with your product by building engaging voices and text-based conversational fields. Introduce chatbots or voice apps. Transform the way your users interact with your product and make it fun. Using years of domain knowledge and natural language understanding Dialogflow can help you understand your user's intent and help you respond in the best way. You can share examples of how a user interacts with your product. More than 20+ languages are supported and no matter where ever you or what device you are using you can engage from anywhere.

App Capabilities

Give a new color to your user interactions with your product through engaging voices and conversational interfaces. Using our integrations add the ability to your app to:

  • Create chatbots in Dialogflow
  • Create agents
  • Answer user queries and much more


An action is a step we execute on the corresponding app. For example: In a task manager, an action can be to Create Task or Update Task. An action cannot be the first step in an integration, and it is started by Integry on another platform. For example, an integration could be to Create Tasks (an action on receiving app) from Slack Messages (trigger).

Dialogflow Query

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