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Formstack is a data management solution that helps users collect information through various types of online forms, including surveys, job applications, event registrations, and payment forms.


An online data management tool to help you collect data through varied types of forms. Create responsive forms, customize them through easy drag and drop too, and integrate them in minutes. The forms can be created from scratch, or you can use pre-built templates. Tailor the forms according to your brand and roll them out for data collection. Once data collected, place all key insights in one place to make better-informed decisions for your organization. Formstack is highly sensitive when it comes to security; your data is safe. Streamline your workflows and let your teams collaborate. You can use these forms for secure online payments. The submissions you add automatically sync with Integry.

App Capabilities

Collect data with intelligent and customized forms. Using our integrations add the ability to your app to

  • Add submissions in Formstack and much more


A trigger is an event that starts from an app and sends data to other apps. For example: If your app is a Task Manager, a trigger can be 'Task Created'. We can then add another step like Push Message to Slack Channel or Create Google Calendar Event; both these steps will be triggered after the Task Created trigger.

New Submission Added

Triggers when a new submission is added

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