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Google Tasks is one of the simplest to-do list apps, but it includes a ton of powerful features.


Google Tasks is Google's advanced service. It is a simple, easy-to-use To-do list service that helps you to maintain your schedule and keep track of daily tasks. Using Google Tasks, create tasks and their sub-tasks, manage them as lists, and add due dates and notes for later. It works with Google Calendar and Gmail seamlessly. Drag your Gmail emails to schedule them for later. Google Tasks performs in iOS, Android and Chrome apps. A small icon is added to the Gmail interface uplift for Google Tasks; it is easily accessible and easy to use. The tasks created automatically sync with Integry.

App Capabilities

Let your app manage your daily simple tasks with Google tasks. Using our integartions add the ability to your app to

  • Create tasks in Google Tasks


An action is a step we execute on the corresponding app. For example: In a task manager, an action can be to Create Task or Update Task. An action cannot be the first step in an integration, and it is started by Integry on another platform. For example, an integration could be to Create Tasks (an action on receiving app) from Slack Messages (trigger).

Create Task

Creates a new task

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