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NetHunt is a smart CRM for Gmail and Google Apps users. It turns emails into the CRM records to let you manage your business using only the Gmail inbox.


NetHunt is an easy to use Google Apps CRM. Keep an eye on all your business records from anywhere in Gmail. The files are instantly updated, and each member of the team is notified about the changes through live updates. You decide with whom you want to share the information and keep your resources and data safe. As NetHunt is cloud-based, run your business from any corner of the world. To simplify your internal business processes, kickstart your day with NetHunt today. The records created automatically sync with Integry.

App Capabilities

Simplify your business processes and communications. Using our integrations you can add the ability to your app to

  • Create records through NetHunt


An action is a step we execute on the corresponding app. For example: In a task manager, an action can be to Create Task or Update Task. An action cannot be the first step in an integration, and it is started by Integry on another platform. For example, an integration could be to Create Tasks (an action on receiving app) from Slack Messages (trigger).

Create Record

Creates a new record

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