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SMB Marketing Automation to turn website visitors into customers. The best inbound online marketing tools for SMB and Small Business combined


Personalise your marketing and turn more and more visitors into leads. Jumplead has observed 8.60% conversion rate. Prospects are converted using lead capture forms, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns. For lead generations, it combines live chat, messaging, lead forms and visitor identification to complete the whole system. Jumplead is a tool that provides lead generation and management as a service backed with marketing automation. The contacts you create automatically sync with Intergy.

App Capabilities

Boost your sales with Jumplead’s personalized marketing and lead management services. Using our integrations you can add the ability to your app to

  • Create contacts in Jumplead


An action is a step we execute on the corresponding app. For example: In a task manager, an action can be to Create Task or Update Task. An action cannot be the first step in an integration, and it is started by Integry on another platform. For example, an integration could be to Create Tasks (an action on receiving app) from Slack Messages (trigger).

Create Contact

Creates a new contact

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