Build a World With the App Directory

Create a fully-featured, powerful directory of apps, integrations or partners without spending millions

Make a listing of all your apps, integrations or partners in no time. Add everything from the basic information about your app to the directory’s appearance, cards appearance, categories as well as localization details with this powerful product.

Showcase Your Ecosystem

Apps, partners, integrations, bring ‘em all together. Show one app or a thousand.

Whether your integrations are made in-house, by a third party, or built on Integry; you can show them all at one location.

Use your own colors, branding and styles. Design the UX however you like.

Get started within minutes. You can integrate with prebuilt apps or add your own.

Show features, capabilites to your users to help them decide. Landing pages help in SEO and traffic generation.

Ship New Integrations Fast

Spin up new integrations built on Integry in a matter of hours

Create Any Workflow

With Integry’s powerful workflow builder, you can create integrations plus import, sync or copy data and more.

Growing App Selection

You can quickly generate and customize a Directory. You can dive to the code-level for fine-tuning.

Customize Your UX

Simplify the Integration Experience for your users. Pick fields to show or hide, reorder them. Design the perfect experience.

Seamless Experience for Your Users

Unified login and custom subdomain make it a breeze for your users to set up integrations

Single Sign On

Your users don’t have to re-login to set up Integry integrations, we connect with your authentication.

Custom Subdomain

Start with a domain hosted by Integry or set your own subdomain.

Hours Not Months

Using Integry’s visual tools, you can create, test and deploy integrations for your users in a matter of hours.

What People Are Saying

The average large business is already managing hundreds of apps and integrating them is expensive. provides an elegant solution.

Fahd Rafi Chief Architect, Microsoft Technology Center, Silicon Valley

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